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How to overcome trust issues in a relationship?

Trust issues in relationships

Majority of break-ups are due to unresolved trust issues in relationships. Trust plus love and respect equal a successful marriage.

Every person yearns to have a happy and successful married life. However, statistics show that almost 50% of marriages in the US are dissolved for various reasons. Trust issues in relationships are one of the problems.

Every individual has a certain degree of difficulty in trusting somebody. You can’t blame yourself or anybody else for saying, “I don’t easily trust someone.” That’s normal, but if someone says, “I don’t trust anybody!” That is a big problem.

If you are in a romantic relationship and you notice that your girlfriend or boyfriend has a hard time trusting the people around him or her, that clearly indicates that he or she has trust issues in relationships.

Trust is very important in any relationship. It holds the partners together to form a committee. If your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t know how to trust you, your relationship will always be at stake because doubt is in the way.

A person with relationship trust issues is trapped, constantly worrying, checking on you, and asking for the details of your activities and whereabouts. At first, it’s okay because you think they are concerned and sweet. But in the long run, it won’t be very pleasant, and you feel mistrusted.

How to avoid trust issues in a relationship?

To avoid the possible damage to your relationship, you need to find out the reason behind your girlfriend or boyfriend’s mistrusting attitude. Perhaps the mistrust was rooted in his childhood or former relationships wherein he was betrayed.

Here are the following steps to help your girlfriend or boyfriend overcome his or her insecurities and trust issues.

  1. Talk heart to heart with your girlfriend or boyfriend, explain how you feel and emphasize the importance of trust in your relationship.
  2. Tell your girlfriend or boyfriend that you want to build a strong relationship, and it can only be done if you have faith in each other.
  3. You must admit that their relationship trust issues bother you, and it may cause a big problem. Before it happens, you want to prevent it.
  4. Convince your girlfriend or boyfriend to share his fears with you and pinpoint the cause of mistrust. Jot down every issue.
  5. Identify every issue that bothers you and discuss why and how it affects your relationship.
    • For instance: They want to know your activities and whereabouts.
    • Problem: Monitoring is too much; you feel like a child and mistrust without probable reason.
    • Solution: I will inform them about your daily activities and will try my best to call twice a day whenever possible.
  6. Make sure that you agree to every solution and are comfortable with it.
  7. Express your commitment to building a more intimate and stronger relationship by completely trusting each other.

Trust issues in relationships normally arise when one or both partners went through a bad relationship in the past, carrying the baggage with them in their new relationship. The past affects the person’s ability to completely trust anyone, including the person whom they are intimately involved with.

Lack of trust destroys any relationship, no matter how you love the person. Most of the time, people who have trust issues in relationships are super jealous, insecure, and controlling. Why? Because of fear that the person they love will cheat on them.

If you can’t trust the person you love, you can’t have a good relationship. You will never be happy because your worries and fears are haunting you. The best thing for you to do is to forget the memories of a bad relationship and start fresh.

People are not the same, and every person has a different intention in a relationship. If your intention is good and you want to love and be loved, there’s nothing to worry about.

All you have to do is be honest with your girlfriend or boyfriend. If you have trust issues in relationships, don’t be afraid to discuss it as early as possible in your dating period. This will give you peace of mind and make you feel more secure in your relationship.

Seek professional counselling if you think your past relationship damaged your ability to trust, including the people who are close to your heart.

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