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Can Former Lovers be Just Good Friends?

If your relationship is over, and you’ve left the other person for another man, could you ever consider being friends with them again?

Is it possible for you to keep in touch with a former lover? To begin, the word “lover” has several connotations, and the answer to this question may differ depending on whether it was a one-night stand.

But suppose it is someone with whom he or she has spent a significant portion of his or her life and with whom he or she has had a strong connection based on similar values, thoughts, and feelings. In that case, I believe they can maintain a meaningful friendship even after they have severed their connection to one another.

Because of the fluid nature of all relationships, this is a distinct possibility. It is possible to have a strong connection by capitalising that both parties continue to share the same level of understanding they had when they were loving partners. It is bad, but if there is any negativity on any side, there will not be a possibility for friendship to exist.

former lovers as friends
Can Former Lovers be Just Good Friends? 2

There is always some level of sexual tension in the relationship between a man and a woman, even if it’s only background noise. You have to stifle your sexual desire for your spouse in most relationships. When you’re on good terms with an ex, it’s far simpler to understand and embrace this desire. This is because you’ve already been through all there is to go through with this person.

In certain situations, one person could feel the effects of it more intensely than the other, but in any case, both parties are going to be impacted by it. When both individuals are at a level of ease that is comparable to one another, I feel that it is much easier to have a conversation about residual attraction. Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship.

Can you be ‘just friends’ with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?

In real life, it’s hard to separate our lives. It’s hard to stop liking someone you really like or even to stop having sex with someone you really like. It’s just not as easy as it is in romantic comedies and movies. In reality, it’s difficult to ‘just friends’ with an ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend. This situation, as you know, is extremely hard, especially if you’re trying to recover your ex’s heart. You can try every way in the world, and still, they might think you’re still into them.

It’s OK to be Stay in Touch

It is important to keep in touch with your ex, even if both of you have moved on to other relationships. For the new relationship to be successful, I believe that you should hide your past from each other. This mission’s primary focus is avoiding performing things that need secrecy. You also need to determine how much attention you want to provide to both your current relationship and your previous one.

Your partner may be anxious, but so are we about several other elements of life. People, for instance, will give up their jobs to prioritise their connections. Therefore, to maintain your connection with your spouse, you either need to talk with them or risk breaking it.

It depends on the varying degrees of sensitivity different people exhibit as to whether or not an ex-lover can be a platonic friend who can make you laugh about your current relationship or relate well to your current partner. Whether or not an ex-lover can do either of these things depends on the circumstances. The roles that each of you plays in your respective partnerships will shape the dynamic that exists between you and your friend as well as between you and your spouse.

It is not my belief that male and female viewpoints are inherently distinct. What you consider right and wrong is a factor in the answer. If the other person had a childhood not too dissimilar to your own, it is probable that the two of you will have feelings, perceptions, responses, and methods for resolving issues that are very similar to one another.


This is possible to be friends with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, but it is not easy, and it is not the kind of thing one should do without proper planning and, possibly, a good therapist in the mix. First, being friends with someone you have dated (or have had sex with) is impossible. There will always be some feelings on either side. If you break up, you could be in a situation where your feelings for them become so painful that it is best to cut ties with them simply, and if you break up and then later date them or fall in love with them, you can deal with those feelings later.

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