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Complete Valentine Week Calendar for 2024

The season of making love is again going to start this Valentine’s Day. Many people especially newly engaged lovers/couples want to be updated with various days falling before the special day.

So, here we will be going to solve your query and tell you the info about Valentine’s Week.

Just have a look at the list given below about Valentine’s Week. For some fun and humour, we have also listed some days after Valentine’s Week Day for those who did not successfully convince their Valentine on Valentine’s Day.

Here is finalised Valentine’s Day Calendar for 2024

February 7, 2024 (Thursday)Rose Day
February 8, 2024 (Friday)Propose Day
February 9, 2024 (Saturday)Chocolate Day
February 10, 2024 (Sunday)Teddy Day
February 11, 2024 (Monday)Promise Day
February 12, 2024 (Tuesday)Hug Day
February 13, 2024 (Wednesday)Kiss Day
February 14, 2024 (Thursday)Valentine’s Day

Let’s talk about each day in detail:

February 7, 2024: Rose Day

Every year on February 7, a holiday known as Rose Day, people exchange roses as a custom to show their love and admiration. Romantic gestures and sincere sentiments are abundant on this day. Red roses are frequently given as declarations of ardent love by couples, whereas yellow flowers are given as tokens of friendship by groups of friends. While pink roses are typically given to express affection and thanks.

To show their love and appreciation for one another, families and friends celebrate this day by offering roses to one another. The air is made attractive and has a romantic feel thanks to the pleasant fragrance and vivid hues of roses.

February 8, 2024: Propose Day

Propose Day, which falls on February 8, provides the ideal occasion for people to freely express their deepest feelings and advance in their relationships. People take advantage of the opportunity to declare their love or propose to their significant others on this day, which is full of excitement and courage. To create an unforgettable atmosphere for their proposal, many people organize unexpected surprises, passionate dates, or exclusive gatherings. Many people demonstrate their love and dedication through handwritten letters, moving speeches, and kind deeds. As couples welcome the chance to begin a wonderful adventure together, Propose Day carries the promise of fresh beginnings.

February 9, 2024: Chocolate Day

On this day, chocolate lovers are encouraged to indulge in the sweet delicacy and share it with others they care about. As a sign of their love, couples exchange chocolates, and friends and family also take part by giving chocolates as gifts to show their passion and thanks. Chocolates are the ideal emblem of love and friendship since they are known to evoke sentiments of delight, warmth, and happiness. Chocolate Day is a lovely celebration of sweetness and love, whether it’s a box of varied chocolates, homemade goods, or custom-made crafts.

February 10, 2024: Teddy Day

Teddy Day is celebrated on 10th February. Teddy bears are given as gifts to loved ones on this day to represent comfort, affection, and company. These cuddly, fluffy toys are a continual comfort and a warm embrace. Teddy bears are frequently exchanged by couples as a symbol of their passion, and friends and family members also take part by gifting teddy bears as gifts of friendship and love. It’s a day to celebrate teddy bears’ adorable and endearing traits and to appreciate how much comfort and joy they can bring into our lives.

February 11, 2024: Promise Day

Promise Day, a day dedicated to really making pledges and commitments, falls on February 11. By exchanging vows that build their link and enrich their relationship, partners may show their love and trust for one another. These commitments might take the form of brief acts of kindness and assistance or enduring vows of love and fidelity. Promises of friendship, support, and understanding are also made by family members and friends on Promise Day. It’s a day to ponder the value of honesty, dependability, and trust in our relationships and to reaffirm our dedication to the people we care about.

February 12, 2024: Hug Day

Hug Day, which is commemorated on February 12, celebrates the value of warmth and physical intimacy. It’s a time to give and receive cosy embraces from loved ones. Hugs are frequently used to express affection, caring, and security. Couples express their intense love by fiercely hugging one another, while friends and family members join in by delivering warm embraces as a show of support and love. Hug Day serves as a reminder of the importance of contact and how it may have a good effect on our mental health.

February 13, 2024: Kiss Day

Kiss Day is the 7th day of Valentine’s week which is celebrated every year on the 13th of February. It is a day set aside for kissing as a means of showing affection. Couples frequently give and receive passionate kisses as a sign of their love and desire. Kiss Day offers a chance to reignite the romance and deepen the emotional bond between lovers. Today is a day of affection, sensitivity, and the enthralling anticipation of a heartfelt kiss.

February 14, 2024: Valentine’s Day

Finally, the much-awaited Valentine’s Day arrives on February 14. The day is observed as a day of love, passion, and admiration all across the world. Through acts of affection like gift exchanging, going on romantic dates, and spending time together, couples reveal their great love for one another. It’s a day to celebrate the bond and love that exists between lovers and to make lovely memories. Valentine’s Day is an occasion to show love and appreciation to friends, family, and anybody else significant in our lives, not only those with whom we are in romantic relationships. It’s a day to honour how strong love is and how it can bring people together and provide them joy.

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