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How to make long-distance relationships work?

When we refer to “long-distance relationships,” we mean people who aren’t actually physically together. For many of these relationships, it could be months, or even years, before the two people are physically back together, maybe because they’re both in other relationships or just aren’t available to travel together.

The benefits of long-distance relationships seem very enticing, especially for the person who feels geographically isolated. For a couple in a long-distance, whether they are married or not, or have children or not, they may have the opportunity to explore each other’s lives and passions. They may feel more independent and in control. Additionally, many long-distance couples report enjoying longer periods of intimacy. They also are more likely to pursue long-distance relationships compared to those who live closer together.

The most important thing about long-distance relationships (LDRs) is to make them work. If you try to make an LDR work, and things don’t work out, you may feel bitter and resentful. But if you can overcome that and the LDR works out, you’ll end up with more friends, allies, and people to support you when you need it.

Rules to Transform a Long Distance Relationship into a Normal One

Long-distance relationships can be very difficult and frustrating. We asked our readers for their tips on how to make long-distance relationships work. Here are some of the most useful:

Talk constantly

In any relationship, but especially one in which you are not physically there and may even reside in separate time zones, communication is essential.

Having a healthy relationship means making an effort to communicate. This is even more important in long-distance relationships where you will be together less. So, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just be sure to talk and keep the lines of communication open. This way, you won’t lose sight of each other and the communication will make you stay connected.

Satisfying the Emotions

In long-distance relationships, a partner can be physically apart but still have feelings for them. The two might be in different places but are still able to send each other gifts or be on the phone every day. One issue with this situation is that it can be hard to establish the emotions that you would want your partner to feel.

Often times a person in a long-distance relationship will develop a type of relationship that is “based in logic,” according to Cosmo. In other words, their interactions are based on rules and logic. When your partner is physically distant, it is often difficult to establish the emotions that your partner needs to feel. For example, if you have a rule about not kissing when your partner is not around, you will not be able to satisfy the emotion of being kissed in a long-distance relationship. This problem is made worse when your partner does not feel the same emotions as you do about your relationship.

To solve this problem, you can talk about your feelings with your partner through phone calls or video chats. Or you can express your feelings through gifts or emails. Your partner might not be able to see your physical gestures but you can still try to satisfy the emotion they are feeling.

A successful and healthy long-distance relationship may be maintained by being aware of what your spouse needs to feel appreciated.

Be there for one another

Long-distance relationships are a special kind of challenge. While you might live together, be in the same town, you might not see each other that much. So, you must make sure you are still there for each other. Being there for each other includes doing things together, supporting each other, listening to each other and, above all, being in the same space together.

Put yourself in his shoes

It’s pretty hard for your partner to see you when you are on the other side of the world. So, try to imagine his point of view. How is he feeling when you aren’t around? Why does he want to see you? The more we understand our partners’ points of view, the easier it will be to understand each other.

Focus on the positive

Your partner doesn’t need a reminder of your flaws. Your job is to remind him of your good sides and do everything to keep that. Focus on the positive. Talk about the nice times, share your experiences, tell him what you learned from them and always look forward to the future. It can help you to stay connected.

Be open to change

Long-distance relationships are a great challenge. Your partner can’t really see you so he might be tempted to change for the better. This might happen if he is not doing well in his job, for example. So, make sure you are aware of the good and bad sides of your relationship and that you can be open to changes.

Work on Developing Intimacy

Intimacy is essential for building trust in long-lasting relationships, and it takes many different forms. Couples in long-distance relationships look for comfort in talking and listening when there isn’t any physical contact present. In order to comprehend one another and form an emotional connection, they pay closer attention to each other’s speech and expression.

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