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13 Things That May Damage Your Love Life With Her

It’s great to fall in love and start a relationship with a female. The cornerstones of most healthy, long-lasting partnerships are love, trust, and honesty.

While being truthful is crucial in every relationship, it can also be painful. Some things can’t be said to a partner for fear of hurting her feelings or changing her impression of you. Things you’ve done wrong in the past, unflattering facts about her, and so on all fall under this category.

Even if your feelings for her are deep and your relationship matures, you should keep any potentially damaging information from her. If you love her, there are moments when saying nothing at all is the most romantic gesture you can do. So, before you start acting too assured and straightforward with her, consider these factors that could endanger your relationship.

Don’t complain if you see she’s gaining weight.

You cannot tell her this, even if it is true. She’ll see this as you no longer caring about her, which will be a terrible experience for her. Imagining the reaction she may have if you went up to her and said, “Honey, you could stand to shed a little weight,” is helpful. If she wants to reduce weight, she will do so on her own time, without any coercion from you. When a man tells his girlfriend she gained weight; he usually loses her.

Do not give her advice on what you think your mum would have done.

I get that mothers are role models for all males, but everyone has their own family dynamics. Since then, we’ve all had quite diverse upbringings from very different types of parents. No matter where you come from, you can’t expect your girlfriend to adopt your mother’s style of doing things or living. There’s nothing you can do to change a woman’s mind about anything except share anecdotes from your own childhood about how your family has always done things a certain way. You need to stop comparing her to your own mother and learn to live with her in her new style.

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Don’t let on that you like making frequent trips to see your mum.

You don’t have to indicate that your mother is more important to you than her right now, even if she is. She may see herself as in competition with your mother, or even worse, as someone you rely on as much as your mother. It doesn’t look good for you.

Don’t be so harsh on her when she’s doing her hardest

The worst thing you could do is this. If she sees that you are critiquing her even though she is making an effort to perform a good job, she may feel disheartened that you don’t know how to recognise her efforts. You need to get over it and offer to assist her with the task. Perhaps she’ll perform better the next time around.

Do not let her know if you do not want her to be liked by your family.

She will become upset and insecure if she finds out that you and your family do not like her. Because of this, she and your family will have trouble getting along in the future. You can only hope that your family will accept your decision once you let them know that she is the one you’ve chosen. Attempt to persuade them to change their opinions about her.

Be careful not to ruin a romantic moment by bringing up your ex.

Try not to judge your current relationship by the standards of your past relationships. Sometimes you’ll find yourself going to the same areas you’ve visited with the other person, but it’s best not to bring that up. Seeing that you are still thinking about the other person is hurtful to her.

And whatever you do, don’t bring up your ex when you’re in bed with her. If she learns that the other person is more desirable in bed, she will feel terrible about herself. No woman enjoys hearing comparisons made between her and another woman.

Don’t admit guilt, even if you know you’ve done wrong.

It’s in your best interest to keep your mouth shut, so don’t tell her if she hasn’t already. When you tell her you cheated on your ex-girlfriends, for example, she will not only get a negative view of you but also be deeply disappointed in you. You should keep these details to yourself.

Never put the importance of the football game ahead of her feelings.

Do not tell her to leave you alone because you are too busy to talk right now, even if the game is crucial. You’d better put on a happy face and act as if you’re listening to her, so you can pick up on the important details. Just to see how well you’re listening, she may ask you what she was talking about.

Ignore the fact that you despise her pals and don’t say anything to her about it.

Don’t tell her she doesn’t like her pals or say anything unpleasant about them because she’s known them for as long as she’s known you. You should probably act as if you enjoy them and everything is fine because she might get mad if she finds out.

When she is highly enraged, it is not the time to tell her to calm down.

The worst thing you can do is tell her to chill out when she’s clearly in the midst of a major emotional crisis, such as when she’s feeling terrified or angry. She’ll become even more infuriated if she thinks you don’t take her seriously after this. If you’ve angered her by doing something wrong, telling her to calm down sends the message that you’re not accepting responsibility for what you did.

If you’re feeling insecure, keep it to yourself.

When dating or in a relationship, a woman will look out for a man who is both capable and assured. So, if you’re feeling insecure or envious of her, perhaps because she earns more money than you do, don’t broadcast that information to the world. If you want things to go well between you two, she doesn’t need to know that.

When you’re arguing, it’s not the time to say you love someone.

Because of how significant the words “I love you” are in a woman’s life, they should be spoken only at the most appropriate times. On the other hand, most men utter these words during the worst possible moment: a dispute with their significant other. If you make a mistake in her presence and afterwards feel bad, you may try to win her forgiveness by telling her how much you love her. It’s the wrong decision. Because she thinks you wouldn’t upset her if you loved her, she doesn’t believe a word you say. After the fight is finished, you can tell her you love her.

Never let her know that you have feelings for her girlfriend.

Perhaps you think one of her acquaintances is stunning and want to meet her first, but your actual spouse shouldn’t learn this. She will feel betrayed and outraged if you tell her one of her closest friends is attractive. Keep it to yourself, and don’t let on in any way that you enjoy glancing at her girlfriend occasionally.

Avoid saying things that could damage your relationship if you value keeping it healthy and lasting. Be dishonest about things that must not be revealed.

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