Relationship Advice for Women

How to Succeed in a Relationship With the Perfect Guy?

Keep Him Around As Long As You Please

It is not often that you meet a man who is perfect. What is even more wonderful is that this perfect guy is in a relationship with you.

The perfect guy is not out there! We have a very deep psychological need to find the perfect man in our lives! And when we do, it makes us feel very special! In fact, what makes us feel most special is when he treats us like an equal and loves us no matter what!

If you want to make sure that you succeed in your relationship with the perfect guy, here is what you need to do.

If he is perfect then you should try to be perfect too

When you are with a perfect guy you should make an effort and try to be as perfect as possible. Look at the things that you could work on about yourself that could help you become a better person. A successful relationship is one where you keep rediscovering yourself and evolve to become a better person.

You need to find the guy that will love you for you

The reality is that not all relationships are based on love. You can actually say that every relationship is different but most likely, it’s based on how you both feel about each other. I do believe that we all have an internal feeling of how much we like someone, and if we don’t, it is really hard to say we’re into them. Now, if you are so perfect for someone, you might just think you’re going to love them. But they’re not perfect for you. You can also say that you’re perfect for them but you’re the one who doesn’t feel that much.

Live up to his expectations

Just like you have a certain set of expectations from your man, in the same way, he does too. You need to make sure that you live up to your man’s expectations so that he has no reason to complain.

Be an accommodating woman

Every relationship needs a certain amount of accommodation and understanding. If you are willing to accommodate your man into your life and understand his needs and desires then you will be the perfect woman for him.

Adopt a policy of live and let live

For any relationship to be successful you have to adopt a policy of ‘live and let live’. Don’t be an overbearing and imposing woman who is in constant need to control her man. Let him feel free in the relationship and he will be with you.

Be secure in the relationship

Be secure in the relationship and enjoy your time with him. When you are secure your man has a good time and hence sticks to you. You also come across as an emotionally stable woman who doesn’t need constant reassurance and hence remain attractive to your man.

Don’t be a doormat

Just because you think he is perfect doesn’t mean that he actually is. You just are not able to see his drawbacks. In order to keep him happy don’t sacrifice your self-respect and turn into a doormat or an elevated maid. Make sure he treats you with the respect that you deserve and that is going to keep your perfect guy with you forever.

Keep him attracted to you by your beauty and humour

Finally, look beautiful and stay happy. When you have these qualities your man automatically is drawn to you and finds you irresistible. Make him feel happy with you and he will be yours forever.

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