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The Importance of Freedom in a Relationship

A relationship should not only satisfy our physical needs, but it should also fulfil our emotional and spiritual needs.

When we find someone who meets these needs, we feel free. For us to feel free, they need to understand what freedom means to us. If they do not understand what freedom means, you cannot fully experience true freedom in your relationship.

If you are in a relationship with someone who is not free, then you are in the wrong relationship and should not be with them, because you can not be the freedom you are to them if you are dependent on them for it.

I think many things need care in a relationship: Communication, Love, Respect, Commitment, Honesty… and Freedom is one of the most important. A free person is a person who has the power to act or speak or think by him/herself. True love allows us to follow our path.

When we are in love, we tend to control the other person and expect them to do only the things we like. If this doesn’t happen, we are disappointed and feel angry or annoyed. When we fall in love, we want to please the other person and “change” our freedom to do what we want. This is OK, but how long can we do this and remain happy? One week? One month? One year?

Importance of Freedom in a Relationship

In a relationship, if both people are free, they have the opportunity to express their feelings and ideas freely. If someone feels restricted, then he/she may not feel comfortable expressing his/her thoughts and feelings.

Who wants a relationship where there is no freedom to be ourselves? We want another person to love us like we imagine we want to be loved, which may not be the way our lovers may show us. We can have an image of the perfect partner and know exactly how we want them to act. When we find a person we like, we bring our “dream character” to life… and our fantasy begins.

True love is unconditional, but if we want our relationships to work, we can walk in our lovers’ shoes instead of imposing our own expectations on or trying to control them. Understand how they feel, who they are, what makes them happy, what their goals and dreams are. If they are happy with their own life and we’re happy with ours, then more possibilities exist for our relationships to work.

We all have personal interests, desires, challenges and goals we want to accomplish. Instead of trying to change them – and change our lovers – be a part of those accomplishments, support our lovers and enjoy our relationships.

Is freedom a good thing?

I believe that freedom is a great thing. As humans we have the right to do whatever we want. We have the right to live our lives how we want. But at the same time, freedom comes with responsibility. When we are free, we are free to make mistakes.

Sooner or later, we’ll mess things up and make bad decisions. That’s okay. We learn from those mistakes. But if we don’t learn from them, we could end up making even bigger ones down the road.

Can love exist without freedom?

Love exists without freedom. People fall in love with each other because they share similar interests. They go on dates together and get to know each other. They spend time with each other and become friends. But eventually, they realize that they want to be with each other. And once they decide to be together, they’re no longer free to choose who they want. They have to stick together and commit to each other.

How does freedom affect a relationship?

Freedom affects a relationship in two ways. First, it helps us to express ourselves. When you’re free to do whatever you want, you’re able to show your true self. If you’re not free, you might try to hide yourself away. You might pretend to be something you’re not. Or maybe you’ll act differently than you normally would. Second, freedom gives us the opportunity to change. When you’re free, you’re allowed to change. You can start over. You can turn your life around. You can do anything.

Should everyone have freedom?

Everyone deserves freedom. Everyone deserves to live their own life. No one should ever be forced to do anything. No matter how much someone wants to do something, whether it’s going to school, working, dating, or anything else, they should be given a chance to do it.

How can we maintain freedom in a relationship?

It is important to communicate openly and honestly with each other. We should not hide anything from each other. We should also avoid making promises that we cannot keep.

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